The most important article I’ve ever written about Krav Maga isn’t really about Krav Maga. Rather, this article is about how each of us approaches our lives and (by extension) our training – specifically outside ourselves.

Have you ever considered that really powerful training comes from working outside yourself? Have you ever thought that deep learning comes from a place outside yourself?

What I am getting at is this: If you exclusively focus on yourself when you train, you exclude some of the most powerful resources around you – those resources being other students. In others, we find bits of ourselves that need improvement. In others, we see errors in judgment, timing, technique, and/or aggression that we must fix in ourselves to be more effective. In others, we can extend some grace that we need to extend ourselves. In others, we can pour out effort in supporting people that show up and put out – just like we do. In others, we can offer invaluable support, and ironically, find support for ourselves.

The bottom line is simply this…as we effort for others, we too grow in ways we simply could not with a singular focus on self. So, if you want to improve in your Krav Maga, start investing in others. The results will most surely surprise, as you move closer to the truth about life itself…it’s not about you.

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