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Dialing in the Flow State

In the aftermath of the fight, those who witnessed it all told me that the punches landing on my gloves and arms sounded like bombs exploding. At the time, I had no idea all the others in the room had stopped fighting and had moved to the walls of the room to…

Best Handgun Defense: Behind the Elbow (Part 1)

Here’s the best way to not get shot while employing Krav Maga’s self defense technique addressing a handgun threat from behind the elbow. In the video below, I’m tackling part one of a three part series on how to understand and employ a Krav Maga handgun defense where the threat is located…

Activate Your Purpose: Part 1

I teach several classes both within the scope of Krav Maga and as a crucible / life coach where the immense and vast concept of purpose eventually becomes the topic of conversation. And, while this topic can be incredibly complex, my goal is always to distill the concept of purpose into the…