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White Belt Mindset, Black Belt Attitude

Recently, a conversation with my 15-year-old produced a profound truth: the path to growth often lies beyond our comfort zones. Sharing stories of my own failures en route to a 3rd Degree Black Belt, I emphasized the invaluable lessons learned from each setback. True progress, I’ve discovered, demands a willingness to embrace…


Krav Maga Worldwide’s proclamation, “Pedigree Matters. Most.”, resonates profoundly within the martial sciences community. To those well-versed in the intrinsic value of lineage, this statement reaffirms a long-held belief. Yet, for others distanced from their martial roots, it stirs discomfort, even contention, highlighting the deep divide in understanding the essence and necessity…

Held at Gunpoint: How Nathan Turned the Tables

In the noteworthy republication of Nathan’s compelling story, I had the privilege of delving into a conversation with him, a dedicated Krav Maga Houston practitioner who faced a harrowing ambush and gunpoint threat in his own driveway. The significance of Nathan’s narrative lies not only in the chilling encounter itself but, more importantly, in…