Prioritizing Principles

Check out the video below where I quickly explain how to prioritize the principles of Krav Maga. This perspective can support your training and your focus by pinpointing how and why you will prioritize a specific principle for a specific defense. Obviously, this perspective must be trained into your defenses to support…

Required Reading: The Obstacle Is The Way

If you’ve been searching for a narrative that lays out a perspective and paradigm for overcoming the obstacles in your life; this book is for you. Full of antidotes and living examples (past and present), this book is a powerful resource. As a Kravist who habitually seeks out crucibles, this read will…

Take a Stand

In today’s world, where so much of what we see and hear is wrapped in someone else’s agenda; where the spin about what’s happening in the world around us never stops – it’s vital to take an inventory of what is truly important to each of us. Today, I’d like you to…

Required Reading: Mailbox Money Mindset

After a preview by the author, Chris Hotze, of this soon to be published book, I want to encourage everyone to make a point to read this book. Readers might fall into one of several categories that can benefit widely from this narrative. School owners and entrepreneurs obviously will find methods of…

Plucking the Choke From Behind

In the video below, I’m quickly demonstrating how to approach the plucking motion when addressing a hand choke from behind. Keep in mind, the range of motion, contact point, and plucking line (that is, the path from the beginning of the pluck to the end) are all vitally important in making an…

Morning Ritual: Navigate Your Day

If you’ve never considered a morning ritual, now is the time. The process is a vital key in “winning the day”. A morning ritual will require that you awaken 30 minutes earlier, but the cost is well worth the benefit. To start, sit up straight, breathe through your nose (anchoring your breath…

Another Look: Assaulted at Gunpoint

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Nathan, a Krav Maga Houston practitioner who was recently ambushed and held at gunpoint in his driveway. How he handled the attack and came through it relatively unscathed is a testament to his instincts and his training. One of the first concepts students in…

Featured Event


Holiday Retention and Fun

Every year, around the holiday season, student attendance can become sporadic for obvious reasons. If you teach any of your programs in a manner that requires the class to move (more or less) as one unit, you might consider implementing some “holiday fun training” into your curriculum to ensure those that attend…

I Can’t Do That…yet!

Kids Grow When Encouraged to Apply Effort to Any Problem, Reenforcing That It’s Effort That Gets Results. In the United States, it is common to hear the well-intentioned phrase, “Oh, you’re so smart,” or some variation of this statement, reinforcing in our children what Stanford University Psychologist, Carol Dweck, considers to be a…

The LASER Process: Convert More Leads

Lead Tracking, Management, and Conversion is Critical Part of Developing Your Business. We’ve recently begun tracking our promotional efforts by getting more serious about how we measure and manage our lead stream. While this process directly applies to managing a self-defense school, the process can be adapted to almost any business paradigm.…

Critical Life Skills

Self-Defense Capacity Is Perhaps The Most Overlooked Critical Life Skill. I don’t think we can over-estimate the importance of understanding the magnitude and impact that teaching Krav Maga can be for our students and for us. The reality is – if we forget this truth, we do a disservice to our students…


Futuristic Weaponry

There Seems to Be No End to the Innovation Being Poured Into Weaponry. Over the next decade, advancements in modern warfare will look as if they belong in a science fiction film. Expect to see some dramatic technological changes emerging in our mission to protect our soldiers, the homeland, U.S. citizens and…

The Beginning of the Beginning: My Krav Journey

Krav Maga has Changed the way I Approach Life for the Better I have trained in Krav Maga for two and a half years, and in that time, my life has changed drastically. Simply put; Krav saved me. Unless you knew me before I began Krav, you would not understand that statement. If…

Joint Lock Flow Drill

People are often surprised when I introduce our basic joint lock flow drill. The surprise comes from a lack of consideration (or knowledge in the case of relatively new students) around our weapons take-away techniques. In their purest format, Krav Maga weapons take-aways are joint locks that have been repurposed. The basic joint lock…