Use This Drill to Teach Rolling – Often Also Referred to as Bobbing and Weaving.

In today’s drill, we’re essentially adding to drill #1 with Lightsaber drill #2. The salient movement today in the bob and weave – often times referred to as “rolling.” In this case, we’ll isolate the rolling drill initially in this way:

  1. Describing the utility and usefulness of the new motion,
  2. Highlight various physical cues that the students can use to confirm success,
  3. Work the drill “dry” in the mirror for 1-3 minutes,
  4. Partner up throughout the class and illustrates how to us the Lightsaber,
  5. Provide a few working rules – position, rate of speed, and on-going tempo,
  6. Launch the drill and switch after every 1-3 minute rounds and
  7. Add the slipping motion to the drill (ensure you review and add this step).

Again, this drill was designed to allow the students to develop more physical prowess – to control the body in motion.

Kids love these drills and the foam sabers are a great teaching tool, allowing the student to physically confirm an error without paying a heavy price.

Check out the video and enjoy!

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