The book, Never Split the Difference, written by Chris Voss (formed FRI International Kidnapping Negotiator) is a compelling and entertaining read.

Voss is part instructor, part storyteller – and he certainly has more than few stories to tell. Along his storied career, Voss learned and developed (with his FBI resources) a system of negotiation that has been tested and retested in real world environments. Eventually, Voss discovered that the system worked in business negotiations also. With that, he eventually formed the Black Swan Group – a negotiation consultancy. And Voss, to this day, uses his system to advise clients and get deals done under circumstances you and I often face. He offers enlighten techniques, such as “mirroring” and the “open-ended question” to secure “tactical empathy” and prompt your negotiating counterpart to negotiate against him/herself.

This book is an invaluable resource, because every interaction in life…is sales. That’s why, Never Split the Difference is on our Required Reading list. I highly recommend it.

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