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Fear vs. Forward Momentum

Every decision, at the most elemental common denominator, is an action taken in response to: (1) fear of a negative outcome, or (2) opportunism found in any given set of circumstances. Ironically, the same person, given the same set of circumstances and facts can assess these identical inputs and come to wildly…

COVID-19 Response

Please take the time to view our response to the COVID-19. These are extemporaneous comments made as the Krav Maga Houston (KMH) community made a transition to online delivery of our content, expertise and the Krav Maga methodology. KMH has moved classes online including – Krav Maga (adults & kids), WODs, Warrior…

Best of Kravology

Over the course of the last year, we have worked hard to improve the production quality of our videos, make them more accessible for our viewers through a variety of social platforms and address specific questions from students and online followers. This week we’ve put together a “Best of Kravology” showcasing our…