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Prioritizing Principles

Check out the video below where I quickly explain how to prioritize the principles of Krav Maga. This perspective can support your training and your focus by pinpointing how and why you will prioritize a specific principle for a specific defense. Obviously, this perspective must be trained into your defenses to support…

Take a Stand

In today’s world, where so much of what we see and hear is wrapped in someone else’s agenda; where the spin about what’s happening in the world around us never stops – it’s vital to take an inventory of what is truly important to each of us. Today, I’d like you to…

Another Look: Assaulted at Gunpoint

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Nathan, a Krav Maga Houston practitioner who was recently ambushed and held at gunpoint in his driveway. How he handled the attack and came through it relatively unscathed is a testament to his instincts and his training. One of the first concepts students in…

March of the 300: Part IV

The video update below continues to mark the process of covering 240 miles of work over an eight-day period on an elliptical. As you might imagine, the process provided me plenty of time to think. As I considered my young boys and my older children, I was able to access some clarity…