Category: Cross Training

Kravology has and is searching the planet for the best self defense enhancing cross training opportunities for our readers. Our focus is divided across four main cross training concepts, 1) increasing physical capacity, 2) increasing stress management, 3) increasing mental focus/capacity/toughness, and 4) uncovering paradigms/approaches that solve violent and potentially violent problems.

Bystander Effect

Use Your Skills Wisely and Morally to Help Yourself and Others.. We have all heard stories of someone needing emergency help on a busy sidewalk and passersby act as if the person doesn’t exist. This all too common phenomenon is called the bystander effect. The probability of receiving help is inversely proportional…

New Ideas for the New Year

The History of New Year’s Resolutions May Very Well Have an Impact on your Future. As we prepare to welcome 2017 many people take time to consider New Year’s resolutions. Resolving to make changes and improvements has almost become an unavoidable part of our transition into the new year—despite the well documented fact…

Darren Levine Exclusive Interview: Part 3

Kerry Kirk: Darren it is so good to see you again. We are excited to have you back in town for the Houston seminar. Part I and II of your interview have been very well received, and I appreciate that you are taking the time to answer more questions. KK: Can you tell me…