#1) Ignore almost everything online. I was talking to a group of students last week. They had seen and shared a video online detailing a supposed Krav Maga defense. They had questions, as you might imagine. And, after detailing what they saw and providing the link to the video, I explained how the defense (that they were questioning) was dangerous. Don’t get me wrong; self-defense exists in danger by its very nature. But the idea is to decrease danger as the Kravist moves through the principles embedded in the defense. Sadly, in many cases – especially online – defenses being demonstrated can actually, substantially increase the danger if not performed perfectly and/or with a compliant attacker. The bottom line: Like everything else, there is a ton of very poor Krav Maga instruction online and very little of the high quality stuff.

#2) Ask thoughtful questions of your instructors. At the heart of every good question about a Krav Maga defense lays an explicit or implicit reference to the principles of Krav Maga (and how the defense being discussed optimally satisfies those principles). This line of questioning will sharpen your mind as it pertains to Krav Maga and will ensure you are training defenses worthy of your time and effort.

#3) Emulate good Krav Maga from the ground up. When you are certain that the training your are engaged in is high quality in nature, study the defense from the ground up – keeping a keen eye on where and how the weight is transferred in the feet, when and if rotation happens, the timing and relative distance travelled that’s associated with a burst or shuffle, and so on. To many people get caught up simply watching the major defensive movement but miss the underlying foundation that makes it all work. Don’t be that Kravist.

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