Your New Kravology D/TAC Knowledge Management Resource

Kravology is expanding in a sense, partnering with the Krav Maga Houston Tactical Advisory Group (TAG) to develop a new service focused on the development of benchmarks, data and metrics that reveal the optimal methods of defending against weapons (and other assaults). We have been busy, and are now analyzing hundreds, sometimes thousands of videos featuring defenses captured on camera and analyzed in slow motion to detect the most common issues associated with failed defenses.

Our current work focuses on handgun threat to the front, and there are some powerful lessons being shared as we analyze these defenses being made in classrooms with SIRT guns and “attackers” attempting to shoot (with a laser) the “defenders” at the first indication of movement. The laser (and camera) don’t lie.

Among the most powerful lessons is this – your handgun to the front defense is likely not as consistent or effective as you might think. Even seasoned instructors find the laser on their chest or shoulder more than they imagined. The point is – no matter how good you think you are – you can always be better.

In the new service, offered once per month starting in January 2022, subscribers will remit a small free and gain access to the analysis and sample videos that highlight the information being shared. The analysis will be completed by Chief Kirk (4th Dan, Krav Maga Houston) and heavily supported by the Krav Maga Houston TAG. This is mandatory for all serious Kravist, and a great holiday gift idea!

Contact me @ [email protected] or call 713-526-2500 to get set-up to receive these powerful monthly updates. You really need to see this!

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