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Best of Kravology

Over the course of the last year, we have worked hard to improve the production quality of our videos, make them more accessible for our viewers through a variety of social platforms and address specific questions from students and online followers. This week we’ve put together a “Best of Kravology” showcasing our…

Carry Your Own Water

When we, as people, use the phrase “carry your own water” several concepts come to mind: (1) water is arguably the most precious resource on the planet and a life-giving commodity, (2) carrying your own water creates awareness of the value of every drop you possess, (3) carrying your own water requires a…

The Passing of a Friend

I’m reprinting a report from Krav Maga Worldwide about the passing of a friend to many us – Kokushi Matsumoto. I had the opportunity to meet and train with Koko, as some of us called him, most memorably during a weeklong force training session. He was an exceptional Krav Maga practitioner and…