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Carry Your Own Water

When we, as people, use the phrase “carry your own water” several concepts come to mind: (1) water is arguably the most precious resource on the planet and a life-giving commodity, (2) carrying your own water creates awareness of the value of every drop you possess, (3) carrying your own water requires a…

The Passing of a Friend

I’m reprinting a report from Krav Maga Worldwide about the passing of a friend to many us – Kokushi Matsumoto. I had the opportunity to meet and train with Koko, as some of us called him, most memorably during a weeklong force training session. He was an exceptional Krav Maga practitioner and…

Happy Holiday Wishes

Well, we’ve nearly come to the end of another year, and while we celebrate our victories and morn our losses, I can’t help but be hopeful that 2017 will be a big year for Kravology. I’ve watched what started out as a simple idea grow into a media concern that delivers expert…