We are people – called editors, contributors, and staff writers in publishing parlance. And, while some may also, due to our martial rank, call us Masters, we reject the very notion of such a thing. We are scientists doing experiments, dissenters challenging the status quo, wanderers looking for answers wherever they may be found, and above all truth tellers.

We are simply people experimenting, working, refining and reworking concepts that can save lives. We draw on our own unique experiences and from the wisdom and experiences of many others. We are part of the sheep dog community – aiming to thwart the wolves of this life. We value human life, equity, respect for self and others, hard work, dignity, and personal responsibility.
Many of us have spent the whole of our adult lives learning, training, serving, and teaching. Our aim is to provide the self defense enthusiast, regardless of his/her style or martial art, a resource from which each subscriber may flourish and perform at new levels. Our objective is the share, provoke thought, and challenge each of you to be more than you imagined you could be.
We are a small community of self defense instructors and enthusiasts, and we are honored to be able to share something of value with you.