In the noteworthy republication of Nathan’s compelling story, I had the privilege of delving into a conversation with him, a dedicated Krav Maga Houston practitioner who faced a harrowing ambush and gunpoint threat in his own driveway. The significance of Nathan’s narrative lies not only in the chilling encounter itself but, more importantly, in the commendable manner in which he navigated the attack, emerging relatively unscathed. His resilience stands as a testament to both his innate instincts and the effectiveness of his training.

One of the first concepts students in a quality self-defense program will learn is:

Fight to the death, if necessary, at crime scene one – do not go to crime scene two.

If you have never heard this before, that mantra might give you pause. But statistics don’t lie, and what happens to victims at crime scene two out of public view and in more secluded or insulated surroundings is nearly always a far worse fate.

Do people get killed out in the open? Yes. But they are not typically, beaten/raped/tortured and held captive there. If an assailant’s intent is to kill you, fighting for your life is your only option.

If an attacker’s intent is even more perverse—fighting for your life right where you stand is still the only sensible option. You commit to live or die fighting where the original attack occurs – period, end of story.

No one can know how this attack would have turned out if Nathan, returning home with his girlfriend, had allowed the two attackers (who were unsatisfied with the $20 in his wallet) into his home. I’m glad Nathan didn’t decide to find out.

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  1. Karen Solorzano-Alba

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am extremely happy that you and your girlfriend are safe and that police was able to capture this people. Listening to your story encourages me to continue with training. I am currently attending Houston-central location. I want to get to the comfort level that you have and be able to do for my family what you have done. I know that I have to give it my all. Right now I dont feel very strong lol… but I really want to be here.
    On January 23,2016 I was robbed gunpoint while getting to my apartment with my 23month old baby and my husband. Fortunately, we did not get hurt. they took my husband’s wallet and my purse but, what i will never forget is the fear I felt for my safety and my family when I heard a ‘click’. I thought they were going to shoot. one man was pointing at my husband and a second at me. My reaction was to turn my back against the man in front of my pointing a gun to me while I held my baby trying to cover his head against my chest. that night this 2 men robbed several apartments down the block and till this day, I haven’t hear back if they were caught. it has only been a month but it seem like the process it taking a bit long. My nerves were really bad at first but I’m doing much better now. just trying to be aware of my surroundings. not stopping to park if I see someone standing around parking area and just trying to learn as much as I can from class and I am really thankful for the opportunity to be a student at KravMaga 🙂