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Plucking the Choke From Behind

In the video below, I’m quickly demonstrating how to approach the plucking motion when addressing a hand choke from behind. Keep in mind, the range of motion, contact point, and plucking line (that is, the path from the beginning of the pluck to the end) are all vitally important in making an…

Morning Ritual: Navigate Your Day

If you’ve never considered a morning ritual, now is the time. The process is a vital key in “winning the day”. A morning ritual will require that you awaken 30 minutes earlier, but the cost is well worth the benefit. To start, sit up straight, breathe through your nose (anchoring your breath…

The Power Pluck

There are plenty of ways to perform a pluck in Krav Maga, and thoughts on the subject vary. As for me, I place emphasis on how closely related my plucking motion is to the instinctive response, and how powerfully I can move across a specific range of motion. In the video below,…