Category: Methods

High Line, Low Line Combinations

If you’re not integrating one of three similar kicks into your striking and combatives training, you are missing a powerful method of confusing your attacker and opening other targets that just might save your life. Specifically, attacking the high line (with punches) and suddenly moving the counterattack to the low line (with…

Discipline of Movement

This week, I was reviewing some relatively new firearms – everything from Ruger to Sig. As I worked through my process, I went looking for other firearms reviews on YouTube, I ran across one of the true masters of the three-gun discipline – Taran Butler. I watched him work out a relatively…

Develop a Crushing Grip

Developing a powerful grip can turbo-charge your Krav Maga practice. So let’s get it done! In the video below, I’m demonstrating a grip exercise that can be done anywhere, anytime and is highly effective. Check this out, and work this into your Krav Maga warm up routine today.