Many of you know me as “Chef Alvin”, and I’m a diehard Krav Maga enthusiast.

It’s been an honor to train beside many of you that show up and train with an effort that lifts me and supports my efforts at becoming more warrior-like for those around me everyday.

When Chief Kirk mentioned his support for the MIND BODY FUEL concept, I was excited. This is, in a sense, my way of taking the thing in which I’m most accomplished and sharing it with the Krav Maga community. In this, I’ve found a greater purpose in utilizing my skills in the kitchen. After six full weeks of serving up MIND BODY FUEL meals, the results have astounded me!

I’m now a client! I’m down nearly 20 pounds, and my clarity and energy are at all time highs. I’m really grateful for those of you that have entrusted me with this responsibility, and the results are simply amazing and energizing!

People continue to ask me about the MIND BODY FUEL concept, and I’m excited to report that:

(1) I will be taking new orders for early July, (2) The program will shift into food prep, delivery, and food coaching in July, and (3) I will be partnering with Krav Maga Houston schools on some cool new collaborations this summer!

If you’re ready to be at your healthiest, feel great, think more clearly than ever, and move dramatically towards your ideal body composition – it’s time to eat MIND BODY FUEL.

As people ask me how the MIND BODY FUEL program works, I’ve recently been directing them to the documentary, The Magic Pill.

While MIND BODY FUEL is much more, including powerful support coaching, the documentary will go a long way in answering some of your questions.

Make a powerful investment in you – reap the benefits – eat MIND BODY FUEL.

I know you’ll love the results!

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  1. Claude

    Looking forward to learning more about your approach to Healing the Body and the magic pills concept. Thank you