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Quality of Being

If you execute a Google search for the phrase “quality of being” nothing similar to the content and context of this article will be returned in the highest ranked search results. The term, as I’m using it here, is a relatively new concept for mainstream society. But, as a warrior and a…

Straight Punch: Leaking Power

In the video below, I’m demonstrating how power can leak from a straight punch. By utilizing the body as a foundation and backstop of sorts, a straight punch or palm heel strike can be much more effective through the contact point. Check out the video below, and as always walk in peace…

The Magic Pill

Many of you know me as “Chef Alvin”, and I’m a diehard Krav Maga enthusiast. It’s been an honor to train beside many of you that show up and train with an effort that lifts me and supports my efforts at becoming more warrior-like for those around me everyday. When Chief Kirk…