If you execute a Google search for the phrase “quality of being” nothing similar to the content and context of this article will be returned in the highest ranked search results.

The term, as I’m using it here, is a relatively new concept for mainstream society. But, as a warrior and a winner (discussed previously in several past articles), this term will have a profound impact on how you begin to describe yourself and others – as well as, an awareness tool in managing behavior.

Quality of Being is a “setting” that is developed intentionally through the discipline of consistency (see last weeks article) that describes how you “show up” in life. For instance, you may know someone or can refer to a character from fiction that displays characteristics so consistently that this character is defined in large part by this quality. Someone who seems to be always “calm and collected” embodies a powerful quality of being.

This can show up, not only in the way this character might respond to a situation, but also in the way the character presents him or herself. As such, there is a physical quality that re-enforces and better defines his or her overall Quality of Being. In short, Quality of Being can be observed in the physical, mental, and emotional energy being generated by this character.

However, Quality of Being can also be a “flow state” that allows people who are highly tuned into the surrounding dynamics to shift or curate near optimal levels of “being” that best support the people and context playing out. This capacity is often informed by intuition, and by strong emotional awareness and resilience. There can even be a spiritual sensitivity that supports this interplay.

Powerful Quality of Being that is most readily identified and familiar with most people can be seen as: strength, calm, thoughtful, welcoming, supportive, or inspired. On the other hand, Quality of Being can also be angry, hateful, spiteful, reckless, cynical, or indifferent. The juxtaposition in these very real examples is as different as east and west. And, I believe it is safe to assume we all know people who fit into one of these descriptions.

Quality of Being is not merely your personal brand; its much deeper and has much more profound and relational impact on the people around you than you might imagine. For this reason, it’s vitally important that each of us, as warriors evaluate our own place in this concept.

Ask yourself:

  1. What is your Quality of Being?
  2. Can a focus on the “sacred things” begin to change your Quality of Being?
  3. If you could create a consistent Quality of Being, what would it be?
  4. Why can’t you create and hold an ideal Quality of Being, or can you?

Perhaps the best first step in this process of developing a desirable Quality of Being if to embrace the discipline of consistency within the context of a Morning Ritual. My challenge to you is to adapt your own version of the ritual provided below, and complete your version everyday for two weeks (the difference will amaze you).


Start the morning when you awaken to smile and acknowledge you have another day to make meaning and connect with the world around you.

Drink some fresh water to invigorate your body and continue to awaken your senses.

Complete a breath practice – box breathing or relaxation breathing (look for apps in the App Store to support your sessions).

Write in a gratitude journal. Answer these questions:

  • What am I grateful for this morning?
  • What am I looking forward to today?
  • How does my plan connect with my integrity and character?
  • How will be develop and train my quality of being today?
  • Who will I serve today (who needs my contact or support)?

Find a quiet space and complete 5-10 Sun Salutation A movements

Review your calendar and connect your daily plan with your thoughts in your journal. Look for potential opportunities and/or challenges in the day and prepare your 5 Domains through mental rehearsal (visualization).

Go win the day!

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