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Kravology Exclusive with Darren Levine: The Untold Story – Part 1 – Republished

Remembering the heritage and history of your Krav Maga training is paramount to your sense of connection with those who worked for decades to create and improve the world’s most effective self defense system. With this mind, we have elected to republish a watershed interview with Darren Levine, Founder’s Diploma Holder & US Chief…

Effective Striking for Self Defense

Join Kravoloy’s first ever online class taught by Chief Kirk – All Striker! Learn the most powerful and useful striking combinations for self defense in Kravology’s first of several personal PhD programs! Don’t miss this! To be blunt, there is much more than subtle nuance between the proper and effective approach to…

Stress Changes Everything

The seminar last weekend started out light…dry work and then some slow partner work to acquaint the class with the defensive movements that would be required later in the day. It seemed simple enough. However, when stress enters the equation, the entire dynamic shifts – in three words…stress changes everything. I had…