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How Warriors Use Failure to Succeed

Last week, I posted an article on the subject of failure and its link to success. This week, I’m extending the idea of failure as a path to success. Warriors seek out failure during their training (in everyday life) as the critical feedback necessary to move ever closer to lasting and repeatable…

Failure and the Path Forward

Failure is feedback. It’s really that simple, despite the warped meaning being ascribed to failure by prevailing social and cultural norms. The scarlet letter of failure is so pervasive throughout our social fabric that the fear of failure often corrupts any attempt at success for many in our world. More deep-seated personal…

COVID-19: Death Threats

During this pandemic, we have all experienced some level of stress around the real and perceived threat that COVID-19 poses. And the media continues to lead with death counts and infection rates to gain and hold our collective attention. Interestingly, during a funeral not so long ago, an older pastor said that…

Entering the Fight: Part II

This week, in part two of our five part series (now at least a six part series), I’m covering the concept of striking while gaining a Krav Maga control position. The concept includes two critical principles, (1) initially using the closest weapon to attack the nearest target, and (2) following your attack in as…