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Entering the Fight: Part II

This week, in part two of our five part series (now at least a six part series), I’m covering the concept of striking while gaining a Krav Maga control position. The concept includes two critical principles, (1) initially using the closest weapon to attack the nearest target, and (2) following your attack in as…

Elevate Your Language

Through the years that I’ve taught Krav Maga, I’ve learned to use language much more effectively than I had previously thought possible. The circumstances around which I developed this skill are similar to a “forged in fire” situation. Specifically., I found myself teaching a myriad of classes across a varied set of…

Making Space the Krav Maga Way

In the video below, I’m illustrating the process of “making space” during a defense of a straight stab attack. I use the reminder, “touch, turn, chop” in this procedure – with the “touch and turn” being the major movements that create the needed space. If you’re defending a straight stab attack and…

The Highest Skill Set: Part 1

In the multi-part video, I’ll walk you through the highest skill set – the capacity to think like a Kravist. That is, to utilize the principles of Krav Maga to assess and confront danger. For these purposes, I’m going to limit the topic context to assessment – as opposed to motor skill…