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Making Space the Krav Maga Way

In the video below, I’m illustrating the process of “making space” during a defense of a straight stab attack. I use the reminder, “touch, turn, chop” in this procedure – with the “touch and turn” being the major movements that create the needed space. If you’re defending a straight stab attack and…

The Highest Skill Set: Part 1

In the multi-part video, I’ll walk you through the highest skill set – the capacity to think like a Kravist. That is, to utilize the principles of Krav Maga to assess and confront danger. For these purposes, I’m going to limit the topic context to assessment – as opposed to motor skill…

Chief Kirk’s New Book

If you’ve heard the rumor that Chief Kirk is writing a book that details lessons learned from over 20 years of Krav Maga training, teaching, coaching, observing, and experimenting in his own life – you’ve heard correctly! Maybe the coolest thing about this project is the co-development of a companion website that…