Join Kravoloy’s first ever online class taught by Chief Kirk – All Striker! Learn the most powerful and useful striking combinations for self defense in Kravology’s first of several personal PhD programs! Don’t miss this!

To be blunt, there is much more than subtle nuance between the proper and effective approach to striking in a fighting discipline versus self-defense. And while the sexy appeal of flashy combinations often seen in striking disciplines and venues can be intoxicating to many of us seeking self-defense, the truth is, the actual context in which we utilize striking combinations matters most.

Striking in self-defense is, in a very real way, it’s own category of martial pursuit. To think otherwise is to court failure and risk substantial physical injury or death. I have reflected on this concept for the better part of 20 years – from bouncing at a nightclub, to parking lot scraps, to standing my ground at gas stations and roadside altercations (a far cry from tough man contests and sport striking). Here’s the truth, striking in self-defense must be relevant to the opportunities presented as the defender moves out of a position of disadvantage, and it must be taught as a system of interchangeable strikes in combination that can be adaptive to distance, angle, and relative positioning (among other things). The combinations must “orbit” the self-defense system and be available at all times and in nearly all contexts.

In a fit of unoriginality, I named the striking coursework I’m referring to as All Striker. To be specific, I’m referring to the most important module of All Striker that delivers all the benefits I outlined above and more. The All Striker coursework is a product of 20 years of experience and study, and it’s available to you online in a 6-month course right now for $49 month.

If you join me, you’ll be part of a private Facebook group, receive daily training workouts, instructional videos, and monthly Zoom calls with me to review your progress and ask critical questions. You’ll learn about “push play” combinations (and them most powerful push play combination of all time for self defense), about high and low lines, lines & paths, tactics, hand fighting, and a ton more!

This offer won’t last long, and we are capping the participant list – so don’t wait – call (713-526-2500) or email ([email protected]) James to secure your spot. There’s a full money back guarantee and my personal assurance that this is unlike anything you have seen. You’re either in or you’re out…join me now to learn this unique striking curriculum!

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