Category: Toolbox

Kravology staff are bringing you profiles of tools that can increase your performance and understanding of self defense. We are scouring, benchmarking, experimenting, and testing to reveal what tools are most effective at supporting your training and teaching.

Counterattack Now!

We recently completed a F.A.S.T. (Fear Adrenal Stress Training) Seminar at Krav Maga Houston, and the consensus is that the training was invaluable. The reality for most is that the “fight” element at the end of the training against the “bullet-man suited-up Krav Maga instructor” is the first experience of an all-out…

Man of Mastery: Podcast

I’m excited to let the Krav Maga community know that Chief Kirk has recently completed a podcast guest spot entitled Purposeful Service (008) for Man of Mastery (with Michael Bulloch). Check out this episode – Chief Kirk talks about Krav, entrepreneurship, purpose, service, his tribe, and a many other topics. This is…

Connect To Meaning

In the video below, I’m musing about the profound connection between the Krav Maga community – instructors, students, advocates, and staff. In my view, there really isn’t a higher calling than being a teacher who advocates for others. Hope you enjoy…