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Kravology staff are bringing you profiles of tools that can increase your performance and understanding of self defense. We are scouring, benchmarking, experimenting, and testing to reveal what tools are most effective at supporting your training and teaching.

F BOMB – Fat Adapted Fuel

Starting next week, I’ll be posting articles about my attempt to complete the Spartan march from Sparta to The Hot Gates where King Leonidas confronted the Persian King and his massive army. It’s a slog of a run – over 240 miles in eight days. But that’s not the point. I’m trying…

Warrior Yoga: Embrace, Release, Transcend

Over the course of this current week, Krav Maga Houston is offering trial classes for the new ELITE programming, which will officially be starting on Monday, June 18th. However, for the past several weeks I have been ruminating over a myriad of ideas to focus on during some of the first Warrior…

How to Break Out of Prison

The best thing to ever happen to you is waiting one step outside your comfort zone! Safety, security, control, low stress levels, predictability…this all sounds great, right? These are the elements of the comfort zones that confine us to a prison of stagnation. Comfort zones are the behaviors and routines that minimize…

Required Reading: Primal Blueprint

This book is required reading! In this landmark work, Mark Sisson and Brad Kearns bring decades of collaboration, research and PhD level studies in producing a powerful argument around the concept of metabolic efficiency, keto-adapted performance, longevity, and avoiding metabolic syndrome (diseases powerfully linked to diet, including heart disease and diabetes).