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Read This or Risk Catastrophic Failure!

Your New Kravology D/TAC Knowledge Management Resource Kravology is expanding in a sense, partnering with the Krav Maga Houston Tactical Advisory Group (TAG) to develop a new service focused on the development of benchmarks, data and metrics that reveal the optimal methods of defending against weapons (and other assaults). We have been…

Review: Never Split the Difference

The book, Never Split the Difference, written by Chris Voss (formed FRI International Kidnapping Negotiator) is a compelling and entertaining read. Voss is part instructor, part storyteller – and he certainly has more than few stories to tell. Along his storied career, Voss learned and developed (with his FBI resources) a system…

Emergency Alert Update

I’m unhappy to report that the suppositions made in the March 26th Kravology article “Emergency Alert” have come to fruition, and as states everywhere continue to reopen (creating more mass gatherings) – the attacks on innocent Americans will continue. Increase your awareness now! The COVID lockdowns have done nothing but exacerbate the…

Tim Larkin: The Most Dangerous Martial Artist

Despite my attempts at entirely avoiding any comment on other martial systems, or sub-par Krav Maga instruction for that matter, it has become apparent this year that my goal simply will not be achieved. My frustration with elements of the martial community stem from various segments offering self-defense that is demonstratively unsafe.…