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Required Reading: Tim Ferris

I’m recommending an author this week, as opposed to a specific book. Tim Ferris is a clever fellow who has written several books. His logical approach to assessing and addressing challenges is wholly unique. If you are hearing his name for the first time, check out The Four Hour Work Week, Tribe…

Move: Hands / Body / Feet

I was a young neophyte trainee when the principle of hands / body / feet was first introduced to me. To say I resistant to the idea is an understatement. My initial thought was – why would I ever move in way that might decrease my power? In short, this was a…

Krav Maga All Strike

I’ve begun to introduce a new program and curriculum at Krav Maga Houston – it’s called Krav Maga All Strike – professional grade striking & optimized fitness. As the name implies, All Strike a progressive curriculum that allows students to focus on striking, combinations, and movement in a format that provides detailed…

Review: Benchmade Barrage

In this week’s product review, you’re getting a 2-for-1 read, because this article not only reviews the Benchmade Barrage folding knife, but it also facilitates a shameless plug for Krav Maga Houston’s latest product offering. The Benchmade Barrage can be customized. However, this review features the style and finish I personally own…