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March of the 300: Part II

This week, I’m sharing another video from my crucible – 240+ miles in 8 days on an elliptical. I’m not entirely sure that I can adequately convey with words the things and thoughts I was feeling during the process. What I hope is that something I said during these moments of reflection…

The Magic Pill

Many of you know me as “Chef Alvin”, and I’m a diehard Krav Maga enthusiast. It’s been an honor to train beside many of you that show up and train with an effort that lifts me and supports my efforts at becoming more warrior-like for those around me everyday. When Chief Kirk…

Required Reading: Primal Endurance

If you’ve read the “March of the 300: Part 1” in this newsletter, you may or may not know that the entire 240+ miles of work this march required was done using the principles of Primal Endurance. I relied nearly exclusively on MIND BODY FUEL nutrition with a healthy does of F…

F BOMB – Fat Adapted Fuel

Starting next week, I’ll be posting articles about my attempt to complete the Spartan march from Sparta to The Hot Gates where King Leonidas confronted the Persian King and his massive army. It’s a slog of a run – over 240 miles in eight days. But that’s not the point. I’m trying…