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Required Reading: The Culture Code

If you’re familiar with Daniel Coyle’s work, including The Talent Code – you’re going to enjoy reading The Culture Code. Coyle study of how highly effective groups and organizations succeed is a gem. Coyle assessments are developed through research and observation and delivered from his unique, often novel, perspective. Interestingly, most of…

Required Reading: The Obstacle Is The Way

If you’ve been searching for a narrative that lays out a perspective and paradigm for overcoming the obstacles in your life; this book is for you. Full of antidotes and living examples (past and present), this book is a powerful resource. As a Kravist who habitually seeks out crucibles, this read will…

Required Reading: Mailbox Money Mindset

After a preview by the author, Chris Hotze, of this soon to be published book, I want to encourage everyone to make a point to read this book. Readers might fall into one of several categories that can benefit widely from this narrative. School owners and entrepreneurs obviously will find methods of…