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Check out the drills we’ve selected for you! These drills are all tried and true winners with our students and instructors over the past many years – increasing performance over relatively short time periods. Try these drills, send us your feedback – let’s start a conversation!

Darren Levine Exclusive Interview: Part 3

Kerry Kirk: Darren it is so good to see you again. We are excited to have you back in town for the Houston seminar. Part I and II of your interview have been very well received, and I appreciate that you are taking the time to answer more questions. KK: Can you tell me…

Lightsaber: Drill #3

Combining Lightsaber Drills One And Two Makes Three. If you’ve been playing with lightsaber drill number one and two, then drill number three should fit right in with your training. I’d suggest, however, that you complete sufficient repetitions with the first two drills prior to moving onto drill three. Drill three is…

Lightsaber: Drill #2

Use This Drill to Teach Rolling – Often Also Referred to as Bobbing and Weaving. In today’s drill, we’re essentially adding to drill #1 with Lightsaber drill #2. The salient movement today in the bob and weave – often times referred to as “rolling.” In this case, we’ll isolate the rolling drill initially…

Lightsaber: Drill #1

Use The Lightsaber Drills To Learn Basic Movement, Rhythm, And Weight Transfer I’ve packaged a few drills into the production schedule for the next few weeks that we often do with students to increase recognition and encourage their use of peripheral vision. In Lightsaber Drill #1, we are working on the slipping…