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Ever wonder why the body needs fat? Do you feel a bit confused about good versus bad cholesterol? Our experts will weigh in on these issues and more to help you make sense of nutrition – specifically while you are training and in recovery mode.

Held at Gunpoint: How Nathan Turned the Tables

In the noteworthy republication of Nathan’s compelling story, I had the privilege of delving into a conversation with him, a dedicated Krav Maga Houston practitioner who faced a harrowing ambush and gunpoint threat in his own driveway. The significance of Nathan’s narrative lies not only in the chilling encounter itself but, more importantly, in…

Darren Levine Exclusive Interview: Part 3

Kerry Kirk: Darren it is so good to see you again. We are excited to have you back in town for the Houston seminar. Part I and II of your interview have been very well received, and I appreciate that you are taking the time to answer more questions. KK: Can you tell me…

NO FEAR…With a Pill?

Science has Created a pill for Managing how your Brain “Files” Fearful Experiences. Who among us hasn’t wanted to conquer their fear—of flying, snakes, public speaking, or failure? For most of us, our fears do not have a drastic affect on our daily lives. But up to 29 percent of Americans will suffer…