Category: Required Reading

What books or articles provide a perspective that ultimately increases our understanding of self defense, training methods, and/or training concepts? The Kravology staff have you covered. Read these selections and flourish!

Required Reading: Primal Endurance

If you’ve read the “March of the 300: Part 1” in this newsletter, you may or may not know that the entire 240+ miles of work this march required was done using the principles of Primal Endurance. I relied nearly exclusively on MIND BODY FUEL nutrition with a healthy does of F…

READ IT: The Way of The SEAL

Several people have asked my about the coaching program I’m engaged in with Unbeatable Mind and the SealFit community. I believe the genesis of the program took root in the articulation of the tools and practices outlined in the book “The Way of The SEAL” – written by retired Seal Team 3…

Read this Book: Core Performance

I pulled out an older but worthy book the other day, as I reviewed some material I had clung to a few years back. As a Kravist, you’ll find this book especially helpful in securing the right knowledge for “movement training.” Properly utilizing your core is the key to explosive and effective…

Read This Now!

I’m going out on a limb this week (partially), in the sense that I’m recommending a book I haven’t completed yet. In fact, I’m just a few chapters deep. However, the body of work represented in this book speaks for itself. The quantity and quality of thought and writing is excellent, and…