Category: Required Reading

What books or articles provide a perspective that ultimately increases our understanding of self defense, training methods, and/or training concepts? The Kravology staff have you covered. Read these selections and flourish!

Boys Should Be Boys

Last week I wrote about the epidemic scale of fatherless children, not only in the U.S. but also around the world – ending with a recommendation (for those interested or effected by this epidemic) to read Iron John, A Book About Men by Robert Bly. Today, I’m offering what I feel is…

Iron John: Men in Crisis

It seems as though I’ve been teaching and coaching more and more men that have experienced and now grapple with the effects of an absent father. This fact of life has become so pervasive and destructive that I don’t believe it is going to far to call this issue a serious public…

The Constitution of the United States

It seems to me, as a society and culture that we’ve drifted away from the values and principles that formed this great country. And, while no construct managed by men and women will ever be perfect, American’s enjoy more freedom, prosperity, choice, and opportunity than any other society across this planet and…

Going Deep

If you’re looking to study the strategies of conflict and the minds that have mastered these concepts through the ages – particularly when it counted most for the men who developed and deployed strategy, I’m going to invite you check out a special book that may very well confound you for a good…