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What books or articles provide a perspective that ultimately increases our understanding of self defense, training methods, and/or training concepts? The Kravology staff have you covered. Read these selections and flourish!

Required Reading: The Obstacle Is The Way

If you’ve been searching for a narrative that lays out a perspective and paradigm for overcoming the obstacles in your life; this book is for you. Full of antidotes and living examples (past and present), this book is a powerful resource. As a Kravist who habitually seeks out crucibles, this read will…

Required Reading: Mailbox Money Mindset

After a preview by the author, Chris Hotze, of this soon to be published book, I want to encourage everyone to make a point to read this book. Readers might fall into one of several categories that can benefit widely from this narrative. School owners and entrepreneurs obviously will find methods of…

Required Reading – Sort Of

I was just talking with the QUORUNDAM candidates, and as we discussed some of the physical training required to prepare for QUORUNDAM. I directed each of these folks to review the library of exercises (as a means of growing and/or confirming knowledge on the subject of varied, multi-joint exercise) at So,…