Over the years, I have expanded my thinking and approach to Krav Maga – both teaching and training. What was once a simple physical expression of aggression is now much more.

As you consider your own Krav Maga training, ask yourself these questions and seek the answers over a period of weeks and months to allow for a broad and reasoned thought process to emerge. If these questions make you uncomfortable, it is a good idea to evaluate and consider the root cause of your reaction. Typically, if something makes you uncomfortable – you’re working in the right space to make substantial progress with your own personal growth.

  1. Are you actively engaging in Krav Maga training with a guiding intention to fully embrace the community of practice around you (are you making friends and supporting one another)?
  2. Are you finding ways to sacrifice something in your life to preserve and extend your Krav Maga training – creating a living and renewable process of properly valuing the opportunity to learn and train (when you give something up for something else, you re-enforce the value of that for which you sacrifice)?
  3. Are you exploring the mental and emotional aspects of Krav Maga training through a myriad of cross training techniques such as breath work, meditation or visualization to develop mental toughness and emotional resilience?
  4. Have you considered training your intuition during your Krav Maga practice? If not, how might you go about that process?
  5. How do you incorporate spirit into your training? If you do not, what can you do today to make that happen?
  6. Do you meditate on your ‘sacred things” – those things for which you would kill or die without doubt or hesitation – and the connection to your Krav Maga training as a warrior for those sacred things?

These are just a few of the questions you might ask to optimize your training? What do you need to ask and answer to do more and be more? Whatever it is…act on it today and chart your way to more.

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