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Joint Lock Flow 1-3: Knife Retention

Last week we covered the first three movements in the joint lock flow. This week, I’m briefly showing how this understanding can be extrapolated into basic knife retention. As always, train with a training blade, train thoughtfully, and walk in peace.


Through the years, I’ve employed hundreds of hacks to support my Krav Maga training, as well as, to bolster teaching classes where making new concepts accessible to students quickly is of essence. While I’ve never been accused of being a master of analogies, simple ways of connecting ideas and concepts that most…

The Five Rings

I recently talked with a class about how to bolster the training and results each student generated in class through the integration of the various dimensions of ourselves. That might sound complicated, but in a basic way, we all share common dimensions – physical, mental, emotional, intuitive, and spirit/soul. The simple question…