I decided to post a video this week of “Liz” – a MASTERCLASS student at Krav Maga Houston – who has been actively involved in this specialized class format for a couple months now.

I started Liz (and her cohort) with inside defense to a right straight punch – lots of them – with an emphasis on how the elbow structure of the initiating movement in the defense can be directly converted into the initiating movement of a straight stab defense.

The theme of the training was demonstrative – we are WORKING with inside defense (lots of them) to TRAIN the initiating movement of the straight stab defense (this increases the stakes and the attention control with the movement). Liz started with an inside defense that was “walked in” by her partner so that she (and the cohort members) could focus on the elbow and the quality of the redirection that followed. She did this for weeks on end.

This video below was filmed on Tuesday, April 19th after training the relationship between the right and left hands in making a successful defense – and after 20 minutes of that specific training – Liz faced a line of “stabbers” driving to the handle of their training knives (folded) into her chest. Her emphasis was the “touch – turn” aspects of the redirection (and an assessment of the resulting positioning and relative weight in her feet to burst in and continue the defense).

Just like a Lego set, we take one block from one defense and add to another to make new and powerful things.

Great job Liz! Check this out!

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