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Breaking Rhythm to Succeed

There’s a fair amount of work to be done for most of us to discover natural rhythm in optimizing our speed, power, and balance as a trifecta of performance in self-defense. Once mastered, the concept of breaking rhythm to create confusion in our antagonist and the possibility of an “unguarded target” is…

The Forgotten Arts

Ironically, it’s never been clearer to me how dramatically Western society has moved to a place where once sacred and culturally significant life skills (and the virtues these skills imprint) are all but forgotten. The irony lies in the embedded video (that is entertaining yet subtly instructional,) as two 17-year old young…

Start Your Year with Gratitude

Gratitude is the antidote to many of the ills that humans experience. Experiencing sadness? Gratitude can be a remedy. Angry? Gratitude can help. Envious or resentful? Gratitude is the answer.  According to the research of Robert Emmons at UC Berkley, people who rate high in gratitude are more likely to experience the following:…