Every year, around the holiday season, student attendance can become sporadic for obvious reasons.

If you teach any of your programs in a manner that requires the class to move (more or less) as one unit, you might consider implementing some “holiday fun training” into your curriculum to ensure those that attend have new and engaging exercises, drills, and/or defenses to learn while you maintain the class structure for those who are attending less often. As an alternative, you might also consider simply implementing “holiday fund training” as an annual event that keeps training fun and new.
As an example, you might introduce a joint lock flow that includes most or all of the salient Krav Maga joint locking techniques into a fun and challenging flow drill. Alternatively, you might implement a control drill (passive or active partners), or you may find adding some fitness challenge elements designed as mini-workouts would engage your student population. Other ideas include more advanced groundwork, complex striking and/or combinations, new facets added to old drills, or a focus on specialized training such as edged weapons or blunt objects defenses.
Finally, consider adding other elements to your class, such as music. Play old television series theme songs during drills and ask the students to successful complete the drill while playing a version of Name That Tune. Get creative…everyone will love it – including you. Happy Holidays…

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