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Connect the Dots for Powerful Punches

Want a surefire way to improve the speed and power of your punching combinations? Use the “connecting dots” method. Here’s how… The video below provides an illustration of the drill I’ve had success with lately in teaching students how to punch in combination – both in throwing and retracting the punches powerfully…

Counterattack Now!

We recently completed a F.A.S.T. (Fear Adrenal Stress Training) Seminar at Krav Maga Houston, and the consensus is that the training was invaluable. The reality for most is that the “fight” element at the end of the training against the “bullet-man suited-up Krav Maga instructor” is the first experience of an all-out…

Knife Attack Feud: Part 2

Last week I posted a video to assess the issues that arose in another knife attack video (where guys featured were training and failing). As a result, I had several questions came in from Kravology subscribers. The most pressing question was…” What if the counter fails, is sub-optimal, or misses all-together.” In…