In today’s most prosperous societies, a troubling sickness has emerged, characterized by a victimization mindset and an evasion of personal responsibility.

This perspective is often behind the motivations that drive seemingly random acts of violence, including hate crimes and active shootings.

The SEALFIT Sheepdog programming addresses this by offering world-class defensive training to those who know that they must prepare for the unthinkable. Our curriculum, taught by experienced Naval Special Warfare personnel and Krav Maga Master Instructors, equips students with skills in firearms, edged weapons, TCCC, self-defense, stress inoculation and much more.

Our programs are designed for anyone willing to protect what they hold dear, requiring literally no prior experience – just a willingness to learn.

The truth is, this training is as necessary as reading, writing and arithmetic – and it’s led by a world class instructor cadre that is highly invested in your success. We hope you will choose to join us, and not only participate in our events, but also pursue one of our expert certifications.

It’s a privilege and an honor to support you as you navigate your Sheepdog journey. So, be sure to set-up a call with one of our sheepdog instructor consultants to co-create your sheepdog path by emailing me, Rob ([email protected]) – we’d love to hear from you!

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