This holiday season, stay safe with these suggestions that cover both online and physical shopping, and remember to rely on Krav Maga Houston for your gift giving.

Nothing says love like the gift of personal safety, confidence and community.

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  • Only shop online at trusted websites and limit internet browsing to encrypted websites
  • Retrieve your mail from your mailbox ASAP each day—reduce the potential for identity theft
  • Arrange for “signature only” deliveries
  • Utilize care when sharing personal information online-track these purchases
  • Don’t be a victim – look for false delivery confirmation requests and/or messages indicating you have “won” something – seeking your information
  • Before donating to a charity, confirm the website is legitimate before entering any payment information (call the 800 line if necessary)
  • Monitor your accounts on a regular basis; report unusual activity
  • Establish account alerts to monitor for potential fraud
  • Do not select links in emails or text messages from unfamiliar senders or sources
  • Only use your own (or trusted) devices to connect to online banking from a familiar network – do not use public networks
  • Stay educated about the most common types of fraud, schemes and methods of gaining your information
  • Shop physical locations during regular hours – don’t be the first one there or last one to leave – and park in well lighted areas as close to the store as possible
  • Make a defensive plan – if something goes wrong, what will you do – what, when and how?
  • Carry a defensive weapon that you are familiar with and competent to utilize – work this into your defensive plan

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