As we start the New Year, 2022 holds more promised than ever. What do you want for yourself this year?

I hope your intention is filled with self improvement ideas, layered with self awareness and self management efforts that allow you to truly choose your path – and no longer be held hostage to the emotional turbulence of the past that may have scarred your “personal operating system.”

Once a worthy goal is discovered, it is not our emotions that will lead us to success. It is our motives, or “why” for pursuing our goal, that will provide the fuel to sustain the march towards success. Ad it will be our minds that will decide what to do with our emotions – not emotion itself guiding our actions (this is a recipe for disaster).

It is our self-awareness that will alert us to our emotions taking control, and it is our conscious thoughts that will throttle back the urges being hastened by our often counter productive emotions. We will acknowledge that our emotions are simply indicators that something has been trigger within us – and we will focus our energy on the task at hand (not the trigger that is often a remnant of a past experience or our ego).

We will manage ourselves, breathe, reassure ourselves with our internal dialogue – we will “fix our problems” on the fly – and push forward to success. We will invest and reinvest in this model of problem solving the turbulence that has often thrown us off our game. We will come to see that our success is in our hands – we own it. Because, success is an insistence of the mind…

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