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More Gratitude

Perhaps the best teacher with regard to relationships isn’t failure (which is a superior teacher, “the Father of Success” as we say around here) but rather gratitude. As we collectively begin to slowly re-emerge into society after months of sheltering in place, I wonder what each of us has learned. For me,…

Failure: The Father of Success

For many of us, success has become a matter of recalibrating our perspective around the subject of failure. To make things much more complicated, failure as defined by our cultural has become attached to the idea of finality. In other words, failure is seen as a binary, transactional, and vacuous event -…

Back to the Basics: 10 Keys to Success

There are a number of things you can do to positively affect your circumstances in life. And most of them are quite simple. The vast majority of hardworking people who have become successful over time didn’t succeed because they had ‘the right connections’ or a ton of start up cash. They did…