I have been researching and writing about habit formation for my students for nearly 12 months now.

And, one of the most interesting things I have found is the idea of environment being a primary driver of habit formation. In essence, your environment determines what you pay attention to (by default), and the cues your environment provides can trigger action that leads to repetition and eventually habit formation. And, your habits then become a reflection of who you are. As Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.”

So in forming new habits, attending more Krav Maga classes for instance, how can you shape your environment to create cues and corresponding triggers to act – that is to go to Krav Maga class? Packing a gym bag and hauling it to work (or leaving in your trunk) is one idea. Leaving a pair of wraps and training shoes in your vehicle is another. For morning classes, setting your alarm to ring on days when targeted classes occur, and laying your training clothes out the night before are other easy ideas. In short, place relational elements of the habits you want to form in your environment.

As a larger issue, an examination of your environment will often reveal other cues that are highly counterproductive. You should consider removing these cues immediately (and replacing them with something productive). Habits really do define our lives, so choose your habits carefully – and come to Krav Maga class regularly!

For a deeper dive into the concepts of habit formation, check out jamesclear.com/atomic-habits.

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