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Entering: Fight for Your Life

In the video below, I’m starting a five part series to combine and collapse several skill-building drills into a single, more comprehensive drill that powerfully informs the Kravists ability to move to control position and effectively move in and out quickly in ending the violence. Check it out!

Joint Lock Escapes 1-3

In the video below, I take a minute to discuss the Krav Maga Houston joint lock flow drill and how we also train to defeat joint locks – ultimately incorporated into training at advanced levels where weapon retention becomes the focus. Check it out!

Joint Lock Flow #5: Super “S”

Master the “Super S” Joint Lock to Improve Your Performance During Weapon Retention Drills. If you’re tracking the Kravology newsletter from week to week, you undoubtedly know that we are concluding a multi-week exploration of several joint locks found in the Krav Maga system. In the video below, I’m focused on joint…