Master the “Super S” Joint Lock to Improve Your Performance During Weapon Retention Drills.

If you’re tracking the Kravology newsletter from week to week, you undoubtedly know that we are concluding a multi-week exploration of several joint locks found in the Krav Maga system.

In the video below, I’m focused on joint lock #5 in my joint lock flow drill. This joint lock, in particular, was put into the flow drill to re-enforce the movement we utilize in Krav Maga during weapon retention efforts. To be clear, Krav Maga does not employ this movement as it appears in the flow drill.

Rather, the purpose of the movement as developed in the flow drill is to create a keen understanding of the weapon retention skill set not only by performing the joint lock, but also by feeling the movement when your partner performs the movement. Through performance, receiving performance, and repetition, the objective is to create substantial familiarity with movement (and then to apply that understanding to the retention movement).

In the video below, I’m walking through the joint lock flow drill, specifically, the retention focused #5 movement. Check it out and train smart!

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