It Seems the Government Has Again Failed to Properly Warn and Protect Its Citizenry. Here Why:

The chief responsibility of government is the protection of its citizens. In fact, the framers of the Constitution believed that government was formed to protect the life, liberty and property of its citizens.

Under the Constitution, the function of protection is divided between the federal government (responsible for security against foreign danger) and the states (who are “the immediate and visible guardian[s] of life and property”).

So how did the FBI fail to inform many Americans that their names appear on dark web ISIS kill lists? And how did they also neglect to notify local law enforcement regarding the potential danger in their midst?

To date, the terror group ISIS has published numerous lists, naming over 15,000 Americans who they want to be killed—either by terrorist cells operating within the United States or by lone wolf attackers.

These lists are not publicly available, though both Homeland Security and the FBI confirm they have obtained the lists. Circa News has also obtained a partial list and began calling people whose names appeared on it. In Texas, Circa was able to identify and contact 24 individuals who are being targeted by ISIS. Of those 24 people, 22 had received no notification that their names and addresses appeared on ISIS lists. Circa also followed up with various local law enforcement agencies across the state who had similarly received no warning that citizens within their jurisdiction had been placed on a terrorist kill list.

The FBI had this to say about their process, “The FBI routinely notifies individuals and organizations of potential threat information. We perform these notifications so potential victims are aware of possible threats and take appropriate steps. Those measures may include paying close attention to your surroundings at all times, protecting personally identifiable information, and immediately calling the local authorities if you observe something suspicious. The FBI will continue to work closely with federal, state, and local partners to keep the public informed of potential threats.”

FBI officials went on to say they are confident most American on the lists have been alerted in some manner but it was possible some people may have fallen through the cracks. They stressed that no one on the list has actually been attacked.

Just four days before the Orlando shooting, another pro ISIS hacking group released the names of 8,300 individuals. Like previous lists, it included the names and home addresses of people living in the United States. ISIS’s hacking division instructed lone wolf jihadists and radicalized followers to distribute the lists in order to kill these American citizens.

And the government tasked with protecting these citizens says some of them just “slipped through the cracks” forgetting that the reason there is a government at all it to protect its citizens, not preside over them.

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