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Terrorists Target US Railway Systems

According to Al Qaeda’s magazine, Inspire, the terrorists plan to target America’s trains. Issue No. 17 will be released shortly with a headline reading, "Train Derail Operations," and goes on to spell out ways to create rail disasters in a transportation system that lacks the stiff security procedures of airline travel. For…

ISIS Drones & Technology To Stop Them

Enemy drones piloted by ISIS have complicated the offensive in Mosul. These drones, capable of dropping grenades and small bombs have been used to attack Iraqi tanks with ‘pinpoint accuracy’ according to Pentagon officials. Once the technology of sophisticated militaries, fairly inexpensive remote-pilot aircraft have recently given militants the ability to project…

The Latest Threat Assessments

Threats To The Homeland TSA issues security warning about vehicle-ramming threat The Transportation Security Administration has issued a new security alert, warning the nation’s trucking companies and their drivers about the use of stolen trucks as low-tech methods of attack. The six-page report focuses on the current threat landscape and points out that from…