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Super S = Retention

During the Joint Lock Flow video last week, I mentioned that the Super S lock was actually utilized in the flow to support a weapon retention visual queue. This week, due to a request from Van, I’m showing how the Super S lock facilitates weapon retention. Check it out!

Joint Lock Flow #5: Super “S”

Master the “Super S” Joint Lock to Improve Your Performance During Weapon Retention Drills. If you’re tracking the Kravology newsletter from week to week, you undoubtedly know that we are concluding a multi-week exploration of several joint locks found in the Krav Maga system. In the video below, I’m focused on joint…

Joint Lock Flow #4 and Krav Maga

Practice Joint Lock Flow #4 to Improve your Knife Take-Aways. In following up on last week’s cavalier articles, you may recall that I spent some time last weekend talking with students about my joint lock flow drill, its purpose, and the connection to Krav Maga training/defenses. Remember, that the joint lock flow…