Practice Joint Lock Flow #4 to Improve your Knife Take-Aways.

In following up on last week’s cavalier articles, you may recall that I spent some time last weekend talking with students about my joint lock flow drill, its purpose, and the connection to Krav Maga training/defenses.

Remember, that the joint lock flow drill was designed to allow students to become more familiar with the Krav Maga joint locks – primarily in weapons defenses and weapon retention. The joint lock flow drill also provides a format for more repetition in a flow pattern over shorter periods of time than resetting after each joint lock is made. Finally, the joint lock flow drill helps to better familiarize students with the various Krav Maga joint locking movements that are often utilized in advanced defenses.

In the video below, I’m talking through the flow drill, specifically, a wrist lock with the arm straight – #4 in our flow drill. Check it out and train smart!

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