Growing in Your Krav Maga Training Means Trusting Yourself to Answer Your own Questions.

As you might expect, we receive a fair amount of feedback about the articles and videos we post in Kravology.

The truth is, we see lots of spam, a fair amount of really ignorant questions, and several good questions each week. As the “good question” category goes, it’s not unusual for the question to reside in what I call the “What If” or “What About” subset. These questions refer to content we simply cannot provide without writing pamphlet length articles and/or short films to cover all the potential questions that arise from any one subject matter – no matter how precisely we attempt to narrow the issue we’re covering.

I’ve found, though, that if we do our job well, the potential for “What If’ and “What About” questions tends to be bounded by the range of one to three. In this case, if you’re one of the thoughtful Krav Maga practitioners asking rational questions, it’s very likely that you can also answer the question yourself. This issue comes up quite a bit in training, and it’s really a simply thing.

In short, if you’re thinking properly, you must also begin to trust yourself to know (or uncover) the answers you seek. Think rationally and apply the Krav Maga principles. Imi didn’t develop the Krav Maga system to be an Israeli version of the Di Vinci Code. There’s no secret decoder ring or treasure map of techniques.

The more you train and think, the closer you are to a thorough understanding of the application of the Krav Maga principles. Once you can do this organically, in real time, you’ve mastered Krav Maga.

However, there’s no need to know the answers in real time when you’re training. Keep a journal. Write down your questions. Apply the principles. Find the answers.

You can do it. Answer your own questions.

Give yourself permission to be right.

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