How and What We Eat Provides our Bodies With the Fuel for Longer (Or Shorter Life).

In 1903, Thomas Edison predicted that the “doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patient in the care of [the] human frame in diet and in the cause and prevention of diseases.”

Over 100 years later, Michael Greger, M.D., author of the book How Not To Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease is trying to do just that.

How Not To Die is the most comprehensive book on health and nutrition I’ve come across. Gregor, the physician behind the popular website presents groundbreaking scientific evidence behind a diet that can prevent and reverse the causes of disease related death.

Greger writes in a way that is easy to understand for those new to the subject, but he delivers volumes of substantive content so that even those well versed in the subject, will uncover valuable new information.

The philosophy of the book, “Let Food Be Thy Medicine” empowers people to take control of their health by making informed choices about their diet. Greger also acknowledges the strengths and weaknesses of our current approach to disease. But most importantly, he uses science as the basis for his recommendations. Here is an example:

“For disease prevention, berries of all colors have “emerged as champions,” according to the head of the Bioactive Botanical Research Laboratory. The purported anticancer properties of berry compounds have been attributed to their apparent ability to counteract, reduce, and repair damage resulting from oxidative stress and inflammation. But it wasn’t known until recently that berries may also boost your levels of natural killer cells.”

The book also devotes a section to the latest hot-button topics: organic vs. non-organic, gluten vs. gluten free, GMOs vs. non-GMOs, supplement use, etc. in a practical fashion.

If you are interested in improving your overall health but either don’t know where to begin or feel you have been repeatedly misled by one fad diet after another, this book is a good place to start. Greger’s reasonable suggestions can help you formulate an eating strategy to improve your health, avoid disease, feel and look better and maximize longevity.

It seems a logical course of action that those who are committed to their safety, would also prioritize their well-being.

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