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Arm Drag: Tactics First

Below, I’ve put together a quick video to illustrate how a Kravist might employ an arm drag tactic to improve his/her position relative to an attacker or group of attackers. While there are several secondary actions that can be taken post arm drag – such as striking, choking, takedowns, and throws, I…

Long Gun: Threat Front

In the video below, I’m demonstrating the optimal hand movement in making redirection of a long gun. This also includes the body defense and the entry lead by the redirecting hand. In summary, here’s a quick way to condense your thinking into action in this context. Enjoy!

The most important article I’ve ever written

The most important article I’ve ever written about Krav Maga isn’t really about Krav Maga. Rather, this article is about how each of us approaches our lives and (by extension) our training – specifically outside ourselves. Have you ever considered that really powerful training comes from working outside yourself? Have you ever…