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The Power of Persistence

Krav Maga Houston hosted its first test in approximately 12 months last weekend – albeit in a COVID minded format. What stuck me about the level one and level two testers in the first 45 minutes of the testing was how sharp both groups looked. The instructors/test graders went on to again…

Arm Drag: Tactics First

Below, I’ve put together a quick video to illustrate how a Kravist might employ an arm drag tactic to improve his/her position relative to an attacker or group of attackers. While there are several secondary actions that can be taken post arm drag – such as striking, choking, takedowns, and throws, I…

Long Gun: Threat Front

In the video below, I’m demonstrating the optimal hand movement in making redirection of a long gun. This also includes the body defense and the entry lead by the redirecting hand. In summary, here’s a quick way to condense your thinking into action in this context. Enjoy!