Krav Maga Houston hosted its first test in approximately 12 months last weekend – albeit in a COVID minded format.

What stuck me about the level one and level two testers in the first 45 minutes of the testing was how sharp both groups looked. The instructors/test graders went on to again confirm that both groups were exemplary from their perspective – start to finish.

I thought about what might have given rise to what are arguably the best level one and two tests ever hosted at Krav Maga Houston. In short, what might have been the factor that ruined most testers (COVID) was the variable that separated those that were willing to persist during the COVID lockdowns (never again people) – despite the difficulty. These students attended ZOOM classes, showed up at the local parks, practiced at home, and refuse to allow circumstances to dictate how, when, and where they could thrive. These people – 12 in all – have experienced and embodied the power of persistence.

Congratulations to each of them. What a stellar example they have set. In the final analysis, these people understood at some level that leadership starts with the discipline and determination of personal leadership. If there’s a silver lining in the past 12 months, it is this…more stories like this one will emerge from all corners of our world. And, we will be inspired by them and better for it, because we will use these examples as fuel for our own inspired story.

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  1. Pam Daft

    Great story!