Kravist everywhere must be on alert.

The COVID lockdowns have done nothing but exacerbate the mental illness that often accompanies mass shootings – or more accurately mass killings (clarifying that guns don’t kill people, people kill people in a host of malevolent and calculated ways). Specifically, mental illness, anger, and mounting frustration have been festering for over 12 months now – as nearly every state in the union and countries around the world have imposes draconian lockdowns that have isolated (and negatively impacted) billions of people.

The mass killings we have seen re-emerging in 2021 may only continue at an unprecedented pace as a result of increased mental illness (due to the lockdowns) with increasing access to mass gatherings as we slowly “open up” as a nation. This warning is based on simple deduction and antidotal evidence – with a fair amount of common sense when looking at the variables now in play. Do your own research and thinking on this…the evidence is compelling.

However, the purpose of this article is simply to increase your awareness and allow you to anticipate the possibility that you may see or experience violence specifically targeting groups or gatherings. Get your mind right, so you can respond appropriately, because you just might have to Krav-up and defend your life.

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