In recent weeks, several events have transpired which glaringly pointed me towards an awareness of thoughts; specifically, how what is in our mind shapes our character and in turn, our behaviors.

Most recently this came up in discussion among the Advanced Training – Reclamation students and was also featured in last week’s Kravology article: Thought for the Week: Thoughts. There were two questions that came to mind as this awareness began to simmer within: “What patterns of thought reside within me that shape my character and operate as the root of my behaviors?” and even more specifically than that… “How might the theme (positive or negative) of a single thought permeate into other areas of life without my recognition?”

Let’s explore two archetypes, (1) The Protector and (2) The Victim, with an uncomfortable yet honest assessment of self.

The Protector

Protectors are prepared for the unknown; they can adapt to winds of change because they have a strong understanding of their core personal values – they anchor their life to a steady and permanent connection which extends beyond themselves. For some this is God, for others, Mother Nature or the Universe. The ability to remain flexible involves a state of readiness in the mind, emotions and body that only resides in those who have taken the time to become self-aware of their foundation, quality of character and their willingness to respond to life. Protectors seek community, they understand the importance of nurturing those around them with love and encouragement. They know and understand that joy and happiness exist and seek to provide security to the delight to others. Protectors know that trials provide a gift – although difficult, the gift of wisdom and the opportunity for personal growth takes precedence over temporary pain. They do not see themselves as hero’s – they understand, in life, there are not hero’s or cowards, only people who choose how to respond to failures and success. Ultimately, protectors provide the ability to endure dark moments, because in them manifests the hope of a positive outcome.

The Victim

Victims are the antithesis of protectors. Victims are completely dependent on unstable alliances. These alliances can manifest in negative relationships, or debilitating mindsets that limit the self and ideas which dictate where they can and cannot go – victims are narrow minded. There is a deep-seated belief that the affliction they experience is deserved, and the goodness of life cannot exist for them. When the winds of life come barreling through, they plummet into despair, unable to withstand being uprooted by the hardships of life. A victim does not take responsibility for themselves; they lack the self-awareness to produce development of the mind, body and spirit. Victims dwell in a place of malignant detachment from humanity, only existing by the grace of other agencies despite their anger, hatred and inability to recognize goodness in themselves and the world around them.

Perhaps you see, overwhelmingly, yourself in one archetype over another; maybe it’s more subtle in that there are areas of your life where having “protector” thoughts is easier than having “victim” thoughts – or vice versa.

Here are some questions to help bring conscious awareness to the structure of your thoughts:

  1. How do I treat myself and others when I’m going through a difficult time?
  2. Do I have a permanent structure that can help me overcome difficult moments in my life? (If ‘yes’, who/what is it? If ‘no’, what would it be?)
  3. Do I believe that I deserve what I truly want in life? (why or why not?)
  4. How can I better control and redirect my negative thoughts to cultivate my character and build the life I desire?

Clearly, becoming a protector, as opposed to a victim, is the healthier path. Commit to bringing more awareness to your life and to those things around you that are worth the fight.

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