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Body Awareness Drill

In the video below, I’m sharing an exercise that I lead my students through to better focus attention and express the process through which I have benefitted over the years. This exercise is intended to create extraordinary awareness of and attention to the hands, feet, and elbows to facilitate powerful defenses, optimized…

Stay Focused

I’ve been watching the political insanity that’s been in the headlines lately, and while I don’t have an opinion to share here, there is a bigger issue at hand for Kravists. That is, how do we frame our perspective and approach to adversity? What is the most potent means of managing ourselves while…

The most important article I’ve ever written

The most important article I’ve ever written about Krav Maga isn’t really about Krav Maga. Rather, this article is about how each of us approaches our lives and (by extension) our training – specifically outside ourselves. Have you ever considered that really powerful training comes from working outside yourself? Have you ever…