As business owners navigate the reality of COVID-19 and the mounting pressure to re-invent their businesses to accommodate the series of re-opening guidelines, it is critically important to measure one’s responsiveness using three key qualitative concepts.

These concepts support positive mental and emotional energy that further supports physical action – as the entrepreneur takes action and responds to the changing demands of the environment. The three concepts are shared below:

Frequency: This is best described by imagining a dial that must be tuned to achieve the optimal position from which to connect to and understand the current threat or opportunity. In this way, frequency describes a tuning and optimization of the quality of being that informs our quality of action in pinpointing the threat or opportunity at hand. This is a key element in identification of problems/opportunities and of innovation.

Velocity: To understand this concept, think about a formula racecar running on a standard formula track. The driver must always seek to maximize the velocity of the racecar by going as fast as possible on the straight away sections of the track, while also maintaining an optimal speed in the curves and turns. In this way, velocity is a qualitative sense of how fast you are moving and taking action given the obstacles and requirements of the operating environment. This is a key element of optimization and efficiency of action.

Intensity: The best way to describe this concept is to think in the context of resources. In developing an action plan that includes Frequency and Velocity, what level of resources must be allocated to execute action from start to finish? Would fewer resources achieve a similar end? Would an allocation of more resources create an increasingly attractive result? Can other resources achieve the same end? What allocation and mix of resources (intensity) might predictably offer an optimal result? This is a key element in proper mix of resource allocation.

Today, perhaps more than ever (at least in my lifetime), where environments are tense, uncertain, rapidly evolving, and debilitating (TURD) to your business and personal health, it is vital to utilize the F/V/I model to think through, develop, and create elegantly simple and effective responses to an increasingly complex environment.

Krav Maga schools must focus in these areas, innovate, adapt, and soldier on.

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  1. Ernesto

    Great article. True entrepreneurs are favored by God (I believe) so all will be well.