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Making Space the Krav Maga Way

In the video below, I’m illustrating the process of “making space” during a defense of a straight stab attack. I use the reminder, “touch, turn, chop” in this procedure – with the “touch and turn” being the major movements that create the needed space. If you’re defending a straight stab attack and…

Create Space, Fill Space, Smash Face

In the video below, I explain the mantra “Create Space, Fill Space, Smash Face” within the context of a straight stab defense. In short, if you’re not creating space during this defense (and many others), you’re taking on an unacceptable and unnecessary amount of risk in a situation that is already high…

Be SMART with Your Goals

It seems that “Type A” personalities are often attracted to Krav Maga training. Interestingly, these same folks often set lofty goals that are not suited for their arch in life or their longer-term objectives. One powerful way to evaluate your goals is to apply the acronym SMART. SMART goals are filtered through…