It seems that “Type A” personalities are often attracted to Krav Maga training. Interestingly, these same folks often set lofty goals that are not suited for their arch in life or their longer-term objectives. One powerful way to evaluate your goals is to apply the acronym SMART.

SMART goals are filtered through specific stage gates:

S = Specific: Is your goal articulated in specific language?

M = Measureable: Is your goal articulated and developed to be easily measureable?

A = Achievable: Is your goal articulated in a way that is achievable?

R = Relevant: Is your goal relevant to your life’s arch and long-term vision?

T = Time-Bound: Is your goal time-bound and adequately timed?

SMART goals are much more likely to be achieved by those that carefully consider the SMART process. Additionally, SMART goals are often more rewarding in process and in achievement, as well as, often offer a springboard forward to other relevant and powerful experiences.

Next time you develop a goal, use the SMART process to narrow in on the right target, and take some time to evaluate your current goals to ensure they are worthy of your time and effort. It pays to be SMART!

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